Music Medicine: An exciting modality 4 modern times!

Music Medicine

Music Medicine

More and more investigation is underway to determine just how important a role sound and music may play in future models of health care and disease management. It’s a very exciting time for this branch of holistic therapeutics! This is why I have decided to study Neuromusic. I started my Master’s on Friday!

The expanding scope of music in healthcare was the topic of a recent issue of MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute journal “Healthcare”. The Special Edition Editor was Dr. Lee Bartel, a professor at the University of Toronto. After reading two articles, I found the TED talk that appears above.

Music medicine vs. Music therapy

Music medicine and music therapy are not the same things, but they are closely related. Music medicine can use sound vibrations that are not necessarily musical. Music therapy can also use toning and vibration, but it’s certainly more about musicality and the psychological attachments that a patient may have toward certain styles or pieces of music.-

Healing yourself with sound certainly appeals. Sound is all around us, all the time. Those who live or work in cities may be bombarded by noise, often to their detriment. Traffic noise slows children’s memory development, a 2022 study found.


Neuromusic is about sound and music as healing modalities. I have only just started my studies, but already I can tell that my long years of self-directed study will pay off. The first module talks about frequencies and harmonics, signals, and all those good things that music producers love to delve into.

My hopes for the course

I hope to use the course to finish and commercialize the project I have been working on for the past year. I earn my living as a Yoga teacher, bodyworker, and MindSet coach. I am currently working very hard on some special guided meditations that are based on cutting-edge knowledge about how different frequencies affect the mind and body. I am particularly interested in the use of music medicine and psychedelics. So, let’s see how that all goes. Exciting times!

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