Rachel, your massage therapist

Helllo, I am Rachel.  I have been practising massage therapy since 2002.  I work in Altea, which is easily accessible from Alfaz and Albir.   This is a premium-quality massage therapy service, offered from the heart.  Please note that I offer no services other than therapeutic body massage, manual lymphatic drainage and yoga.  Gentlemen, take note.

I hold the following qualifications:

  • B.Sc Applied Chemical & Biological Sciences, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Body Massage, Anatomy& Physiology, ITEC-UK, CMH School of Massage, London
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapy, Foëldi Klinik, Hinterzarten, Germany.
  • Yoga Teacher, Viniyoga School of Spain, Dénia, Alicante, Spain

I have healing hands and the more I study and practice yoga and bodywork, the more magnetic they become.  It seems to be something innate in me as it was there for the very beginning.  My super power is getting nervous people to relax.  I think that is a cool superpower to have, don’t you?

It is always hard to write about oneself in this kind of context.  I hesitate to use the word “healer” because it is, frankly, overused.  But, I have heard time and again that there is something special about my hands.  Combined with a good intellect and and appetite for learning, which grounds me in anatomy, physiology, contra-indications and when to refer, my natural healing hands do some nice work.



Welcome to my web site.  I am glad that you have arrived here.  if you are looking for top-quality, professional massage therapy in Altea and surroundings, you have come to the right place.

What makes me stand out is the length of time I have practised (since 2002) and the depth of my experience.  I decided from the start that being a jack-of-all-trades is not interesting. I prefer to be an expert in a few things.  Thus, I developed an in-depth knowledge of just three things:  body massage, yoga, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

I am an anatomy nerd.  I love seeing the body in motion and what I most recommend to my massage patients is that they also become yoga students.  I am breathing expert, it goes with the yoga territory, and I use guided meditations during bodywork treatments to transform a short, shallow breath in to a long deep one.  This is transformative work and makes the effects of the massage last much longer.

It is hard to find good quality massage.  In my extensive experience as a massage client, I know that finding someone who works deeply, without hurting you, is hard.  It is just as hard to find a therapist who controls their ego enough to allow the patient some silencepeace and quiet during their treatment.  It goes without saying that first class, preferably organic oils and balms are paramount – anything based on petroleum or petrolatum is only going to harm the body as the skin absorbs most of what it comes into contact with.    A massage room must be hygienic and the temperature tightly controlled.  There is nothing worse than shivering, or sweating, your way through a massage.

The therapist must be knowledgeable, and demonstrably trained.  Of course, they must also be professional enough to refer you to another professional if they are not able to help you themselves.  I have a circle of professional colleagues who I confidently send patients to in the event that the patient is better served by, say, nutrition, osteopathy, acupuncture or chiropractic.

Healing, hot stone and sound massage

Body massage is a comforting, gentle way to come back into yourself.  Massage can be stimulating or relaxing, depending on what is needed and wanted.  I often say that the “art” of massage is sensing the fine line between pleasure and pain, and working at its edge.  This differs from patient to patient – some people think “no pain, no gain” is the name of the game.  Others pull back and tense up, but won’t say anything.  A small minority can’t tolerate any pain at all.  A thorough interview before your first treatment helps me to understand your style and work accordingly.

My massage is a mixture of Swedish Massage, that is, on a massage table with oils, and Tui Na (chinese massage) with passive movements, breathing and stretches and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  I use tuning forks and my voice as sound therapy tools to deepen and enhance your experience.

I use only organic food-grade coconut oil as my carrier oil. Coconut fat is only the fat fraction and does not smell of coconut, in case you were worried.  I use high-quality natural essential oils – never fragrance or parfum – to add aroma.

I have, sadly, never tried my own massage, but routinely get comments like “that was the best massage I’ve ever had.” I am very grateful for these compliments as I am passionate about my work and feel fortunate to perform skilfully a job that I love.

To help people relax, I use Sound Therapy and Hot Stone Massage. This is a deeply relaxing massage that helps warm and ground the body and spirit through the powerful Earth energy held in the stones and the vibrations of tuning forks and singing bowls.

My Canadian basalt stones are hand-collected from the west coast of British Columbia.  I use OM-tuning forks and a trio of 32-64-128Hz forks.  All are weighted tuning forks, so the vibration is audible and lasts for some time. I also use my voice.  I have been practising mantra for many years now, and use overtone chanting and long syllables to help people “tune out” their intrusive thoughts.

Sound therapy and Hot Stone massage lasts 1.5 hours and is a slower, deeper, more relaxing experience.  This is the best option for you if you suffer from insomnia, chronic stress, or you’re just going through a tough moment and you need some “me time.”  If you want hot stone massage, tell me when you book, and be prepared to pay a bit more.  Get in touch and I will explain everything, no pressure.

I sometimes call the massage that I give “Medical Massage” as it seems to be the best way to resume what I do.  Although in Spain, neither massage nor “medical massage” as a modality is recognised, elsewhere in Europe, it is.

Medical massage is bodywork that uses evidence-based assessment and remedial techniques to help restore movement and reduce pain.  In Spain, I am not allowed to diagnose anything (say frozen shoulder, or foot pronation).  This is the domain of physiotherapists in this country and I have to be careful what I write and what I claim. Also, outcomes are usually quantified using Range-Of-Motion, strength testing and subjective perception of pain reduction.  I can do all this, but not officially.  So, if you are here and looking for a physiotherapy experience, you might be better off elsewhere.

Please take at look at the PDF pricelist here.