Wellness professional, UX designer and multifaceted creative

Welcome, wanderer of the world wide web – would you like to stay a while?

I am happy you’ve arrived at my site. I have been using rachel-rose.net for years now, and it’s gone through various iterations. Spurred on by the Google/Coursera Foundations of UX Design Certificate course, I am developing my personal brand here.

Wellness, music, technology and UX are my passions. They say “choose a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. My work is highly vocational and I love it. I am successful because I work very hard. I have been self-employed for twenty years and proudly manage almost all aspects of my business. Given that I live in Spain, I do it all in two languages (or more…I speak four)!

My professional employment is in yoga and bodywork. Learn more about them at Rose Tint Your Life and Alteayoga.

During the COVID lockdown(s), many yoga teachers migrated to online teaching platforms. I myself gave a free daily class via Facebook, to help people cope. You can see me in action on my Youtube channel, Alteayoga. Afterwards, though, I have resisted the move to online delivery of Wellness services because I believe that it degrades the User Experience. Peering into a screen, putting up with below par sound or soldiering on through connection issues, not to mention receiving little or no feedback from the teacher who probably cannot see you anyway…this is far removed from in-person classes. My aim in studying UX, therefore, is to apply UX to online Wellness services.

During and after the COVID lockdown(s), I also observed with great dismay the troubles of older people forced to bank online. This is what led me down the path of UX. I had been refreshing my tech skills with the freeCodeCamp curriculum, but didn’t feel a tingle about being a developer. When I came across UX, it immediately struck a chord, almost as if it had been there waiting for me all these years. I am wildly excited about UX! When I studied Chemistry and then worked in high tech, I found myself constantly drawn back to the humanistic aspects of it. I preferred Nutrition to Biochem, because I loved reality more than theory. When I worked in tech support, I made a strict rule of “no TLA’s” (three-letter acronyms). Why? Because I saw how TLAs were used to obfuscate and confuse, and that the person using them all to often could not say what they stood for. I took the customers’ frustrations and turned it into fuel to help them. My motto since then is

“Go for the quality and the money will follow. Go for the money and the quality will never follow”.

-rachel rose


I have published numerous wellness articles. Please refer to the list here: https://alteayoga.es/rachels-writing/


I have a few songs and Guided meditations up on my Soundcloud page, if you would like to check it out. Love and Faith is one of my favourite songs. I compose a lot, a record a little.

I have a music blog where I post tracks that catch my ear. It has been going for quite some time now and I really love some of the music up there. Check it out!

I use Ableton Live as my DAW. I have an Arturia AudioFUSE sound card and an Arturia Analog Lab MIDI controller. My main mic is a SHURE SM7B. I play a Taylor 414CE acoustic guitar with a beautiful red finish.

**update 4/5/21 – I bagged a deal on a pair of ADAM Audio F5 Studio Monitors. Incredible sound and clarity. I shelled out for a pair of ISO Acoustics stands, in order to get the best position possible in my little studio.

++update 23/05/21 – I grabbed an outboard synth! I found a second-hand (but nearly brand new) AKAI MINIAK Virtual Analog Synthesizer but I am still getting used to navigating the buttons. It’s a lot of fun so far!

Here is my Firewater EP on the groovy as fuck Bandcamp: Rachel Rose – Firewater EP

I have grown as a performer and as a songwriter and am preparing to unleash some groovy new material on the world. Watch out.

Over there on the right is a photo of me when I was collaborating with Anja Klove in the “Rose and Clover Project”. Below, you have a short “musician’s bio” that I wrote but never use as I really just make music for fun!

Rachel awakens the passion for human (r)evolution. Her simple, sensual and silvery songs slide between folk and spiritual pop – a fun and sexy dance towards consciousness.


I worked in Internet Networking from 1997-2002. It was a short, intense period. Of the generation who plotted linear regressions on graph paper, I nearly “missed” computing. In 1997, I completed my University studies (B.Tech Applied Chemical and Biological Sciences, Ryerson U, Canada), only to realise that I had yet to surf the amazing revolution called network computing. My curious Gemini mind set out to rectify that. Well, truthfully, I did own a Mac Classic in my last year at University. Here I am looking pale in a Canadian Winter.

Tech Baby Steps

I moved to London, England, and scored a job in the computer centre in Wimbledon Library. Quickly realising that my clients knew nothing, I RTFM and became somewhat of an expert on Windows 3.1 and 95 and MS Office. We had a dial-up connection (modem!) when I started working at Input/Output Centres), although we soon installed ISDN and then – gasp! – a LAN.

Adventures in the WAN

INSNet/EDEX, our ISP soon recruited me. First off, I installed email accounts, soon moving onto DNS records and then, finally, leased lines. I learned UNIX and the shell, CISCO and TCP/IP routing and all sorts of fun stuff like HTML, CSS, some Perl and PHP and etc. It amazes me to remember the first time someone talked about “Google”, or blogs, or Youtube!

Moving up the ladder with jobs at Pilot Network Services (R.I.P.) and then DIGEX/Worldcom, I took on Sun Certification and became a CCNA. The Dot-com bust burned me out, and also my mum died, and it wasn’t a happy time for me. I became a therapist, studying massage, nutrition and yoga. I am super chill, happy inside, with a clear mind and healthy body. This was my long sabbatical and healing. We all know, now, that humans need to be whole within in order to function well in work, society and at home.

But tech never went away. I love to delve into the backend, hack HTML, CSS and PHP, maintain my own web sites and LAN and got very good at Open Source tools like WordPress, Softaculous, Inkscape, GIMP and LibreOffice.

Back on the Code Again

So, now I am working through the freeCodeCamp curriculum, and looking carefully at the world of UX. I am blogging about my adventures in code, if you’re interested.

** Update: I signed up for the Google/Coursera Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design. So far, I love it!