Medical Massage

I call the massage that I give “Medical Massage” as it seems to be the best way to resume what I do.  Although in Spain, neither massage nor “medical massage” as a modality is recognised, elsewhere in Europe, it is.

Medical massage is bodywork that uses evidence-based assessment and remedial techniques to help restore movement and reduce pain.  In Spain, I am not allowed to diagnose anything (say frozen shoulder, or foot pronation).  This is the domain of physiotherapists in this country and I have to be careful what I write and what I claim. Also, outcomes are usually quantified using Range-Of-Motion, strength testing and subjective perception of pain reduction.  I can do all this, but not officially.  So, if you are here and looking for a physiotherapy experience, you might be better off elsewhere.

My massage is a mixture of Swedish Massage, that is, on a massage table with oils, and Tui Na (chinese massage) with passive movements, breathing and stretches and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  I use tuning forks and my voice as sound therapy tools to deepen and enhance your experience.

I use only organic food-grade coconut oil as my carrier oil. Coconut fat is only the fat fraction and does not smell of coconut, in case you were worried.  I use high-quality natural essential oils – never fragrance or parfum – to add aroma.

I have, sadly, never tried my own massage, but routinely get comments like “that was the best massage I’ve ever had.” I am very grateful for these compliments as I am passionate about my work and feel fortunate to perform skilfully a job that I love.