Brand-new mixes Spring 2023: bootlegs, edits, and other strange fruit

Nothing like two brand-new mixes to get March marching

Hop on over to my Mixcloud to have a bit of a boogie. There is a downtempo mix and an uptempo mix. Both are total improvisations. I was preparing for my live set on Saturday afternoon and needed to practice mixing some new tunes. They are honest sets, recorded in my home studio.

PS: I find a lot of deejay edits and bootlegs on Soundcloud, so if you like this kind of music, get digging!

Sundowner sets in Altea

If you like what you hear here and want to catch me playing live, come on down to Bar l’Ancora (Carrer Pla d’Albes, Altea, near the Consum in the port area). I will be there every weekend.

Book me!!

If you REALLY like what you hear and want to book me for your party or bar, just drop me a line in my contact form and we’ll talk. You may want to check out my djRVIR page, just for fun.

March into March 🐾

The first mix is a downtempo, edit-heavy, groovy slow burn. My special magic is starting slow and moving the groove up a notch so slowly and smoothly that hardly anybody notices. The art of the DJ is reading the crowd. The DJ is a host, not a star. Music stirs social interaction at just the right pace. This brand-new mix has some Caribou, and Leonard Cohen, so we’re getting a little bit Canadian over here (I can’t resist, I always play the Canadian game of “did you know they’re not American..?) There is some other strange fruit here, so, go have a listen on my Mixcloud profile and let me know if you like it!

DJ RVIR brand-new mixes downtempo preparation sundowners mix.

Spring into Spring 🌱

DJ RVIR's brand-new mixes include deejay edits, bootlegs, and fine, silky beats.
Now on Mixcloud!

The second of my brand-new mixes is a danceable uptempo gem. I love French music. I really think that nobody does modern, filtered, house and disco like the French. I start and finish this set with French artists. First off, the veteran French singer Véronique Sanson. And taking us marching into the night, the fabulous Clara Luciani. Check it out on my Mixcloud profile.

That’s all for now…

In my long-ago youth, we would have called them a mix tape. I think that Americans still do. I made so many mix-tapes for my friends. Now, I am a little more sophisticated and actually blend the songs into each other, into a sweet and spicy continuous mix.

Is it easier than sitting on the play-record buttons on my cassette recorder? Not sure. Digital mixing requires a lot of concentration, especially with bootlegs and remixes of older songs. the drums are not always quantized, and you have to jiggle around to make them fit. But hey! That’s the art of djing! Have a fab day and I truly hope that you enjoy these two brand-new mixes, hot off the press!

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