u-he Diva software synth on sale

That’s the reddit post I found, and here is the link itself: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/komplete/u-he-offer-2020/diva-pricing/

I had been trialling the DIVA synth since I read about on another Reddit thread. The demo version has all the sounds, but it gives some random crackle every now and then.

With the Arturia MiniLAB already onboard, and the Ableton native sounds, the bass sounds I wanted were still proving elusive. For my yoga and meditation music, I want warm, organic, non-intrusive sounds.

The native Ableton stuff is all way to techno for what I am after. Arturia has some great sounds, but my CPU maxes out if I put more than one Arturia VST on a track. So, I was getting stuck.

Always thinking of the yogi trying to chill the heck out, I decided to invest in the Diva.. Music production for yoga had to be very sensitive as you must understand the relaxation process in itself, how the brain calms down, how the breathing rate slows, how the heart beat becomes less variable, and compose accordingly.

Anyway, I am super happy to have the Diva on board now. Back to the DAW. Bye!