freeCodeCamp Assignment #5: Personal Portfolio Page

Hey guys. So, I told you last night that I was blasting though the FCC assignments. Well, I am proud to announce that I have just finished the last assignment for the Responsive Web Design Certification, create a Personal Portfolio Page. Here is a screenshot:

I used a “rose gold” background because I am really digging those colours at the moment. I like the way the linear gradient draws your eye to the centre of the page, and is bright without being blaring. The challenges were relatively easy – a sticky navigation menu, a responsive grid – but I gave it my best shot and added some design elements that we had covered in the curriculum. Namely, I used the drop-shadow effect on my tiles and aligned the tiles horizontally.

The sensation is one near to elation – how nearly had I forgotten how much I love to tell a computer what to do! Looking forward to starting the JavaScript course is putting it vey mildly. Check in and watch me grow my skills. I still have some strings to my bow….Peace out.