freeCodeCamp first challenge

I finished my first freeCodeCamp challenge! OK, I know it’s not much, but I finished the first freeCodeCamp challenge. Just a little web page. I used to do this stuff in my sleep, but I was always self-taught, so it is interesting to have to code in a specific way to satisfy the test. Anyway, we had to make a tribute page, and I chose to write a little bit about Clara Campoamor, a Spanish Sufragette.

Here is a screenshot of my tribute page:

8-10-2020: Update: I went back into Codepen to check my work – always a good habit – and discovered that I had not saved it correctly. In the assignments, we are given an example of a page with similar look or functionality, and also a very general template with a testing script. As this was my first assignment, and my first time using Codepen, I did one page from scratch, straight-up HTML. But, then I could not test it. In truth, all I needed to do was copy one line of code (the script) into my document. Well, now I know that.

So, innocently, I started again, using the template this time. Well, it seems that I saved it wrong! Good thing I checked as I had submitted incomplete work! So, now I have saved it correctly, tested it, and spruced it up in the process.

Today I am going to start the third assignment: “Build a Product Landing Page”. More news later…

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