freeCodeCamp Assignment #2 – Survey Form

As you know, I am doing the freeCodeCamp online coding curriculum. My efforts so far are humble. I am proud of myself for getting this far. I just finished an HTML/CSS form and it’s on my Codepen page. If you like it, you can use it. I think that Codepen is all Open Source, but if you want me to share it with you, just ask.

Yoga Survey Form

I took longer than intended on this task, but I know why. There were 17 things to do, and the first time around, I did most of them before running the code test script. I got a repeated error in number 13, and could not fix it for love or money. In the end, I started again. Not from scratch, but doing each job one by one, running the test, and evaluating the results.

Lo and behold, with practically the same code, I got through all the code. What had gone wrong? Well, I was trying to make the formatting nice and pretty, and put an “unordered list” (<ul>) inside the form. Evidently, this confused the script. The HTML was right, but wrong for this particular challenge.

Conclusions: 1) Test your code early on, while it’s still short and sweet and 2) Be patient and persistent. If I had thrown my hands up in frustration, I would not be nearing the end of this part of the course!

Tomorrow, I shall tackle “Build a Product Landing Page”. Let’s see how that goes! Wish me luck. Happy coding.

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