Atkinson Hyperlegible Font

The Atkinson Hyperlegible font is free, accessible and award-winning. I came across it during my UX studies.

The Coursera/Google Foundations of UX Design course is super interesting. It truly makes the learner look at design and technology from a different perspective.

On a recent assignment, we shared an example of accessible design. I identified a snippet about a post that I had seen on Facebook. Bo Forbes is a yoga teacher whom I follow. She announced a new Masterclass and included alt-text on her post. Given that Bo Forbes teaches trauma-informed yoga that is meant to be accessible to all, this is highly appropriate.

Another student posted a very interesting link in the discussion forum. Atkinson Hyperlegible Font “…focuses on letterform distinction to increase character recognition, ultimately improving readability”. The font is duly downloaded and shall be installed on this server as soon as time permits.

I tried to find Atkinson Hyperlegible in Google Fonts, but it is not there. This is an oversight, considering that “..the project was honored with the Fast Company Innovation Award in 2020.”,

Well, back to studying!

A white text on red background logo which says "sing sing sing" and RVIR