New Year, new address!

I have some exciting news to share – I have a new premises, all to myself!

I am now in the Port Area of Altea, on the beach, just in front of the dry dock and the Club Naútico. The address is 14 Avenida del Port, Apt 1-A. Here is a picture of my new treatment room:

I am so excited to be located in the port area of Altea. Access from the N-332 and the coast road is excellent, and parking is ample. It is a totally flat area, easy for the bicycle and on the number 10 bus route. There is a modern lift (elevator) and a wheelchair ramp.

I now have a little more availability, so please get in touch if you are interested in top quality professional bodywork. To your good health!!


Altea Salut – a great clinic, a fresh start

Well, Autumn is due to arrive any day now, although the Altean summer seems unwilling to finish just yet. I have enjoyed my month of rest and and ready to start afresh.

I am now accepting bookings from new patients. I still have limited availability, but there is a little more room since I moved to the fantastic physiotherapy clinic Altea Salut, in the Old Town, near the Palau Auditorium. The Google Maps link is

My working hours are afternoons on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I will also resume my group yoga classes on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings.

Please call 649 670 743 / 966 23 54 46 to make an appointment.

Cheers to your good health!

Massage at Clínica QO, Alicante

Rachel Rose - MT

I am super happy to announce that I will be giving massage at Clínica QO in Alicante. Starting on the 8th of January, 2019, I will be there every Tuesday morning. Massage is a great adjunct to the chiropractic and osteopathic care that Clínica QO already offers in the centre of beautiful Alicante.

Massage is soft tissue work, while the other two techniques are more structural. Massage works on the idea that relaxation in and of itself is of therapeutic benefit. The idea that it is physiological relaxation that makes a patient feel better goes against the more mechanistic view of manual therapy. The core belief is that by relaxing a person, the innate healing powers of the body are rallied.

Let us not forget that many biochemical and physiological processes are suppressed when the body is in “active” or “daytime” mode. I won’t bore you with the details, but it has to do with the Central Nervous System and its various branches. Immune function, lymphatic flow, cellular repair and rebuilding and bone growth are only some of the processes that work better when we are relaxed.

I like this quote:

“Rather than remodeling or stretching injured fascia…massage…trigger(s) neurochemical and nervous system shifts that produce the observed health benefits.” (

To book an appointment or to find out more, call clinic manager Natalia Esnal on 656 589 740.